Slovak food in England

Slovak food in EnglandPerhaps every Slovak, who lives and Works in England, surely crave for home sometimes. If not for any other reason, it is because of lacks national Slovak food. After all, our traditional Slovak pastry is probably the best in the world! Don´t even mention a brawn or sausage. It is something, that Slovaks lacks abroad. Do you agree? So let you know, dear „English“ Slovaks: Your ancreasing hunger for traditional Slovak food should be feeded easily:

  1. Choose something from our food supply. You will find here everything – from sweets, through meat products to dairy products
  2. Call us please and let us know everything that you have chosen with your address and telephone number
  3. Always fresh food will be delivered directly to you for just £ 5 fee that will be paid to the courier upon receipt
  4. If you would like to have a food within 24 hours, we will deliver it urgently for a small additional fee

Do you want to know more? Call us to a telephone number 077 833 888 98 or contact us on Facebook.

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Slovak food is not a problem in England more!