Delivery from England to Slovakia and Czech republic


1. What will we deliver?

Everything that you´ll like! From letters and parcels to oversized and pallet goods. Simply – everything, that fits into a truck.

2. What consingment must not contain?

Your consingment must not contain items excluded from carriage. (see Carriage conditions).

3. How much will it cost?

Delivery from UK to Slovakia will cost just £1,60 per kilogram. The minimum rate is £16 for shipment up to 10 kilograms.
On the opposite route, therefore transport of packages from the Czech republic and Slovakia to England, it will cost 2.20 € per kilogram (£1,95/kg). In this case, the minimum rate is 22€ (£19,50) for shipment up to 10 kilograms.

4. How will you pay for the delivery?

You can choose the methods of payment according to your abilities. You can pay by the bank transfer, or pay cash at the receive the consignment in Czech republic/Slovakia, or pay cash at the receive the consignment in the UK.
You will not pay additional fees for the place of delivery (except Scotland), for the size of shipment, or for the number of pieces in shipment.

5. How long will it take, until you receive your shipment?

The consignment will be in front of your door until 7 working days after leaving Slovakia/Czech republic/UK (see the next term of transportion). We always provide picking up shipments a few days before departures. You can call a courier, if you would like to know, where is your shipment.

6. How do I have to pack the shipment?

You have to take care, that your shipment is packed enough. Especially fragile and glassware should be protected enough against direct damage. So it´s necessary to pack the shipment in a solid container (for example suitcase, carton box, fixed travel bag) and mark it with an address and phone number of the recipient.

7. Is it safe?

You don´t have to be afraid. The insurance against the damage or lost is included in the price of transport. Your shipment must be adequately packed and secured to prevent damage. Transported shipments are automatically insured.

If you want to be 100% sure, you can get an additional insurance for your package. Additional insurance will cost just 6% of the price of transported goods. Delivery with us is completely safe.

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