Nearest term of transport
from UK: 09. 04. 2018
Deadline of orders: 03. 04. 2018 @ 3pm
from SVK/CZ: 19. 03. 2018
Deadline of orders: 13. 03. 2018 @ 3pm
Delivery - Maťko a Kubko
Transportation anything from England to Slovakia and vice versa within 7 working days. We can trasport anything by this route – from the small, to the exceptional loads.
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Moving in England - Maťko a Kubko
Are you moving within the UK? Let your worries with moving to us. We will move you responsibly, quickly and at competitive prices throughout England.
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Nákupy v Anglicku - Maťko a Kubko
Chcete si nakúpiť cez anglický e-bay, ale robí Vám starosti doprava Vášho balíka na Slovensko? Balíček v Anglicku preberieme za Vás a bezpečne Vám ho doručíme!
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Slovak food - Maťko a Kubko
You don´t have just to dream about the Slovak tasty pastries, good sauseges, traditional sweets and other delicacies already in England! We will bring them in front of your door.
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About Maťko and Kubko

Welcome to our website. Company Maťko and Kubko Logistics LTD provides services in the transportation and delivery of packages from the UK to Slovakia and Czech republic since 2007.

Reliability, flexibility and customer satisfaction are the basic approaches in our work. Our services are always adapted to the wishes and needs of our customers. Because of the prior experience, we are able to deliver your shipment reliably and on time.
Maťko and Kubko Logistics LTD always fulfills the promises. We act correctly and decent. Responsible communication with customers as well as with our partners, is matter of course for us.

Our ambition is to become the best provider of shipping services between the United Kingdom, the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic and achieve an offering of top services at competitive prices.